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Leaving school means a new start for you and at CGI we’ve got some amazing opportunities to set you on a really exciting career path.

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You might not have heard of us yet but what we do changes your world…in fact everyone’s world. The IT services that we deliver to our clients achieve amazing things. From using satnavs to voting on TV programmes and even texting your friends! Imagine being part of a company that can get you involved in these and many other things that make the everyday easier for all.

We offer some of the most rewarding early careers opportunities in the market and working for us, you’ll play an important role in one of the world’s largest information technology and business services organisations.

From cyber security through to healthcare, we will give you the freedom and support you need to build your career whatever your interests, all whilst gaining access to programmes that enable you to work and learn at the same time – it’s win, win!

No matter if you’ve only just started to think about what you want to do, or you have a career goal in mind, at CGI you can be part of something life-changing. Set your goal now and via our exciting programmes we will help guide and support you in getting there.

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Exciting apprenticeship opportunities.

You’ve finished school/college and it’s time to find a new direction. So how does working on a real-life project at the same time as working towards a qualification sound? Plus, you’ll get paid too!

Our apprenticeships give you lots of choice. We offer higher apprenticeships if you want a professional qualification in a particular area but aren’t quite sure if doing a degree is right for you, or we offer degree apprenticeships, enabling you to get a debt-free degree from a great university, all whilst gaining invaluable on the job experience working for us.

Our apprentices have had some exciting experiences as well. From working on a top secret national security projects through to helping to finalise multi-million pound contracts. This is real work in real times and it could be very real for you.

You've got a career in mind. We've got the solution.

Discover our higher apprenticeship programmes.

It’s pretty tough making future life decisions, but if you’ve decided on your career direction, we might just have the perfect opportunity waiting for you.

Our higher apprenticeship programmes last between 12 and 24 months, but you’ll have a permanent contract from day one. Combining on-the-job skills with a recognised technology qualification, you will receive hands-on learning and structured training, providing you with everything you need to succeed from the get go. Plus, all of our programmes ensure you get stacks of support and encouragement along the way and you’ll receive a competitive salary too!

We’ve got a great range of IT-based apprenticeships, which one would suit you?

Think a debt-free degree is out of reach?

Discover our degree apprenticeship programmes.

If you want to study for a debt-free degree whilst earning a competitive salary at the same time, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Joining CGI means that you’ll get to earn while you learn – in a genuinely friendly and supportive environment.

There are a range of courses to consider covering IT and business management and whichever you choose you’ll be working towards a recognised degree from a great university too. You’ll also be able to study either virtually, or attend university once a week (depending on which course you pick), meaning we should hold the perfect solution for you to make the most of both your student and work life.

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We are one of the largest providers of cyber security services in the UK.

We have supported the missions of more than 200 satellites.

We provided the data services for 53 million Smart meters.

We have been supporting law enforcement across the UK for over 35 years.

We’re responsible for taking care of 60,000 patient records at the Macmillan Cancer Centre in London.

Our systems are responsible for processing 1.5 billion fuel card transactions, managing $100 billion in fuel card payments per year.

#GenerationCGI. Your tomorrow starts today.

We’ve got a lot more going on than just working on exciting projects – as if that wasn’t exciting enough! Being incredibly proud of the extensive training and benefits that we offer, you’ll find us refreshingly different.

You could be taking part in a training webinar or even working towards a professional qualification, we aim to provide you with essential skills to take your career forward. You’ll also get to take part in e-learning and face-to-face training.

A huge plus at CGI is the connections you’ll make, building your network of industry contacts right from the start. A lot of our offices have their own student communities too, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to take part in social events as well through our Sports and Social club.

We’re also focused on the environment and making a real difference to all of our communities and the lives of our members. You’ll be able to take part in some really rewarding initiatives including; community volunteering and school partnerships, as well as Oxygen – our health and wellbeing programme for CGI members – just to name a few.

“The biggest problem I saw with going to university is that it is hard to get work experience and if you went straight to work you lacked the qualifications so missed opportunities. This made it clear that I wanted to do both, so that is why I chose an apprenticeship over university.”


“The thing that has stood out for me the most is the people. I have been truly impressed with how they support you in developing in your role. I have always received help when needed and everyone I have approached has always taken the time to talk to me.”


Everything you'll ever need. #GenerationCGI.

It’s not just study and work either. There’s also a fantastic social side to CGI. Our student communities make life exciting through lots of social events and activities. We also offer some great benefits ranging from flexible holiday to health and wellbeing. Plus, if you’re relocating to join us, don’t worry at all, we can help you with that too.

Flexible Holiday

We give you 25 days annual leave, plus bank holidays. However, you can buy or sell up to five days leave per year to suit your needs.

Location Champions

Every CGI office has a location champion team. They organise fun events including bake offs, lunchtime board games, cinema trips and more.

Member Assistant Programme (MAP)

MAP offers you and your family free and confidential psychological counselling and support services for personal or professional challenges.

Medical and Dental Cover

You can opt for a range of medical and dental coverage to suit your individual or family needs as part of our flexible benefits package.

Sports and Social Club (SSC)

For £5 a month, you can join our SSC, which organises sports and social events. These can be anything from silent discos to theatre trips, so there is something for everyone. If you are sporty, there is also a range of activities and teams you can join.

Flexible Holiday

Our Health and Wellbeing Programme raises awareness and offers support for all our UK members. It focuses on mental health, ergonomic issues and health risks.

Trained Mental Health First Aiders

Our network of mental health first aiders are members who have undertaken training to provide immediate support to their peers. Monthly drop-in clinics currently run at Reading and Leatherhead.

Cycle to Work Scheme

Are you going to commute to work by bike? If so, we can help you to fund a new bike through our flexible benefits package.