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How to Apply

The aim of our application process is simple, we just want to get to know you.

Application form

Our online application form is relatively short, as we prefer to get to know you personally.

It checks you meet our minimum requirements, captures personal details so we can contact you, and gives you the opportunity to showcase your key skills, abilities and capabilities. A member of our Early Careers recruitment team here in the UK screens the application form against our business requirements and the competencies listed above.

Application form hints & tips:

  • Be honest – we’ll verify all results and statements of achievement during the process.
  • Be open – we’re interested in all your skills and experiences so don’t just write down the ones you think we’re interested in; we want to know everything about you!
  • Be passionate – we want people who want to work for us, so use the application form to show why you’ve chosen CGI over one of our competitors.

Spelling and Grammar – please check for mistakes in spelling and grammar before you submit your application. Although the online application doesn’t have a spell-check facility, you can type the details into a Microsoft Word document or similar and use the checking facilities available. Remember that it will not pick up words spelt correctly but used incorrectly so do please read your form through first. If you’ve spent some time working on the form have a break before proofreading, or perhaps ask a friend to read it so you get a fresh view.

Screening call

If your application meets what we are looking for then we will call you for a short telephone screening. The purpose of the screening call is really to expand upon the application form. Here we are mainly looking to see if your business unit preference and location preference is a match for our live role availability. We may also ask you some more questions about your application.

Screening call hints & tips:

  • Try to make sure you don’t have distractions or noise around you. We don’t usually schedule our screening calls so don’t be afraid to ask if you can call back at another time, as we’d prefer you to be able to concentrate and ask any questions!
  • Remember our screening calls aren’t there to catch you out, we call you because we want to get to know you, so please relax and be yourself.

Assessment centre

You may be invited to an assessment centre after the screening call. The assessment centre comprises different exercises, normally a group exercise, written exercise and interview.

Due to the current climate we are going to be hosting virtual assessment centres. These will give us a chance to get to virtually meet you, see you work with others and get to know you face to face.

As much as getting to know you, we use our assessment centres to offer an insight into CGI, our culture and what the start of your career may look like.

Virtual Assessment Centre hints & tips:

  • As with your screening call we recommend you try to control your environment as much as possible, this is for your sake more anything. For example we won’t hold it against you if a dog comes running in during your assessment centre but this may distract you and knock your confidence.
  • All of the exercises on your assessment centre are designed to get to know you, the best way we can do this is for you to be yourself. We know this can be difficult but please try to relax as much as you can.
  • Ask questions, our Early Careers team will be hosting the day and you will also get to meet experienced members from across the business, we are all happy to answer any questions you may have.

What happens next?

After our assessment centre we know you will be eager to find out how it went. As such we aim to come back to you with the results and our decision within 10 working days.

On some occasions we may ask to arrange a follow up interview with another member of the business, this is usually because we want to consider you for a specific project and the interviewer will be able to assess your suitability for it more accurately.

If we think you are good match for CGI then we will make you an offer and have the contract sent to your inbox right away.

If you decide to accept the offer then we will talk you through the next steps and one of Early Careers team will be with you throughout the process of joining, helping you with your documents, security and getting you everything you need to become a member of CGI.

If we are not able to offer you a position then we will always offer feedback on your performance and the reason for our decision. We hope this constructive feedback will be valuable for you going forward.