Delivering projects

At CGI we are trusted by our clients to work side-by side with them to harness technologies with practical innovation to transform, enable, protect and deliver mission critical systems.

  • Our space and satellite technology is far reaching in both scale and complexity.
  • It’s measuring the Earth’s winds, improving weather forecasting, and building understanding about our changing climate.
  • It’s helping keep track of land use, and highlights the impact of land clearance on our ecosystems.
  • And it’s trusted to form a critical part of the ExoMars Rover mission, Europe’s first surface mission to Mars.

that improve lives...

  • 53 million smart gas and electricity meters will communicate through CGI systems.
  • We’re the power behind UK insurance quotes, trusted to ensure consumers can access accurate information with a single click.
  • And we’ve enabled over 4 million people to switch to a better bank account.

and keep people safe.

  • We are trusted to support the NHS Trusts to improve patient care and save lives through our e-Prescribing and Medicines Administration solution that strengthens clinical decision making.
  • And we help law enforcement connect the dots with intelligence led policing that better meets the challenges of 21st Century crime.
  • Working with the UK Government to protect our security, by vetting people before they have access to sensitive information or facilities.

Across the globe

  • We’re trusted to help ensure our armed forces receive the right medical treatment, as their medics now have access to over 350,000 centralised records.
  • When every second counts, our navigation software is trusted to help search and rescue teams find people fast.
  • And when a humanitarian disaster strikes, we support the satellite communication services that clients turn to, to manage crises.

and closer to home.

  • We’re trusted to deliver services to over 50% of Scottish citizens.
  • Empowering Scottish students with faster digital connections, giving them a head-start in their education.
  • Helping citizens better interact with their local public services.