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Introducing Your Business Unit: North and Australia

To help prepare ahead of your start at CGI, we’ve put this document together to help with some questions you may have about your business unit. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your CGI recruitment contact.

North & Australia Business Unit Leader


Mark Aston 

Resourcing Key Contacts

The Resourcing function at CGI is made up of Workforce Managers in each of our business units (BUs) who will help you to find internal roles and opportunities. In North and Australia your key contacts will be:

Simone Aitken 

Student Resource Manager & Learning Champion

Kay Bryar

Lead Resource Manager

North and Australia Key Clients and Business Overview

The North and Australia Business Unit (BU) is led by Mark Aston.

It is focused on providing services to the UK Energy, Utilities and Telecoms markets, as well as growing CGI’s business in the North of England regional and Australia metro markets. The BU is made up of three UK Sectors: North East, North West and Smart DCC as well as three Australia Metros: Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Hobart.

Some example Case Studies/Clients include:

Data Communications Company (DCC)

CGI is the DCC Data Service Provider (DSP) to the Data Communications Company (DCC). CGI designed, built and now operates the DSP service supporting the rollout of over 50 million gas and electricity smart meters across Great Britain.  The ten millionth meter was installed in February 2021 and the solution now handles over half a billion messages per month.

DCC Adapter (DCCA)

CGI is helping energy suppliers, network operators and others to integrate with the DCC through our DCC Adapter (DCCA). The first to enter the market, our DCCA is responsible for processing an estimated 70% of smart meter communications. CGI now offers a DCCA service; providing non-energy companies with access to smart data and functionality. 


CGI helped Vodafone start their Internet of Things (IoT) business from the initial proof of concept (PoC) through the stages of scaling and enhancing the service platforms to become the leader in IoT with more than 100 million devices. The use cases range from internet in BMW cars to locating lost cats and even MooCall health monitoring of pregnant cows!

Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL)

Together with the English market operator MOSL CGI designed, built and deployed the Central Market Operating System (CMOS) on time and on budget for thirty water companies to serve 1.2 million business customers in < 2 years. CGI designed and delivered a comprehensive training programme that was rolled out to all market participants and provided a ‘sandpit’ test environment to allow water companies to test their developments in advance of market opening.

Acronym Key

DCC – Data Communications Company

DSP – Data Service Provider

DCCA – DCC Adapter

NA – North & Australia

PoC – Proof of Concept

IoT – Internet of Things

MOSL – Market Operator Services Limited

UKNA – UK North and Australia