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Practical Guide to Learning and Development

Making the most out of opportunities at CGI

As a talent focused business, CGI fosters a culture where learning is embedded in our daily lives. We strive to provide valuable learning opportunities to all members. We recognise the importance of maintaining and enhancing our members’ technical knowledge, as well as their soft skills, on an ongoing basis. Our training programmes are designed to ensure this need is met.

As an early careers member at CGI, training and development is especially important and we have plenty of resources for you to access! Our Learning and Development team will be leading a session with you on this during your induction  but in the meantime, we wanted to give you a flavour of the kind of opportunities you will have available to you.

If you have any questions please reach out to your CGI recruitment contact.

CGI's Learning and Development Team

Shar White
Director of Learning and Development

Victoria Woods
Senior Learning and Development Consultant

Starting at CGI

To support your first few days and weeks with us, we have created a ‘member quick start workspace’ which you will be given access to upon joining CGI. This workspace will provide you with some supporting resources to help you understand what needs to be completed as part of your induction process. The workspace also has guidance for your buddy and manager so they can support you as much as possible.

What Learning and Development Resources are available for CGI members?

CGI Academia 

CGI Academia is CGI’s global eLearning tool hosting hundreds of videos and other digital learning resources on technical/leadership skills and personal development. It also hosts ‘Books 24×7’, a huge online library of books which you can access at any time. CGI Academia is also available to download as an app which means you can learn on the go!


MyLearning is your one-stop-shop for booking classroom learning and certifications. There are a huge number of different courses ranging from application portfolio management to coaching and mentoring.

UK Learning Workspace 

The UK Learning workspace contains resources including BU Learning Passports, Technology Learning Maps and Learning Certification Pathways. You’ll be shown how to access the workspace on your induction as it also includes information on the formal learning booking and authorisation processes along with information on how to access all of our resources.

Self-paced learning

CGI offers upskilling technical learning and development opportunities which provide you with the opportunity to develop key fundamental skills, knowledge and experiences in priority technical skills such as:

  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • Test Automation​
  • Automation Analyst
  • Automation Consultant

Professional Development

As a member, we want your skills to stay relevant, marketable and able to deliver against evolving client needs. To support this, we embrace the concept of ‘Learning Everywhere’, where personal and professional growth comes via multiple channels; through on the job learning, colleagues sharing knowledge / experience and formal learning sessions.

Within CGI’s Career Framework, we have various learning and development frameworks that outline specific courses which can help you progress through your career. With manager support you are encouraged to have a targeted and up to date personal development plan (PDP) aligned to your personal and professional objectives. A PDP is a development road map for acquiring the skills (ability) and knowledge (facts, information) to keep developing your skills.

To cater for varied learning styles and needs we have a workspace and three internal learning platforms for you to access 24/7. These provide access to on-demand online learning workshops, classroom based training, exams and certifications.

The 70:20:10 Learning Model

We believe the most effective learning and development is achieved by a portfolio of activities using the 70:20:10 Learning Model.

70% Learn and develop through experience

By learning ‘on-the-job’ you can take on new challenges and try out new skills, being taught or shown by others. You will gain experience day by day to help progress your career!

20% Learn and develop through working with others

Learning from others involves engaging with like-minded colleagues via discussion groups or communities – either within CGI or across our industry. We also offer mentoring and coaching to help you build your professional network.

10% Learn and develop through formal courses

Formal courses includes e-learning and classroom-based training, which can be hugely valuable to enable you to learn through various methods and develop a variety of skills.

Acronym Key

L&D – Learning and Development

BU – Business Unit