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CGI Scavenger Hunt

Ahead of your start at CGI, we have put together this Scavenger Hunt to challenge you to find some key CGI information. All the answers can be found by searching on the CGI web site. Make sure you write down all your answers as we will be going through these in your induction.

Hint: Adding up all the correct answers should equal 4380.

Question 1:

How many years has CGI worked with clients to identify, monitor and manage environmental health and safety risks?

Question 2:

How may Satellite missions have been supported by CGI?

Question 3:

How many of the world’s top communications service providers partner with CGI?

Question 4:

What chemical element is used to brand CGI’s global Health and Wellness program?

Question 5:

What floor is CGI’s UK head office on?

Question 6:

In what year does CGI expect to be net zero?

Question 7:

Which year was CGI founded?

Question 8:

How many mergers has CGI had since going public in 1986?

Question 9:

Where did CGI open a new Innovation Centre in 2020?

Question 10:

Which stand will CGI be at for the 2021 Space-Comm Expo?