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CGI's Internal Systems: What are they and what are they used for?

Being a large company, CGI has many internal systems! In this article we’ve provided an overview of a few of the key ones you will likely use. We will be showing you how to access and use many of these on your induction but your project team and buddies will also be on-hand to help you navigate these systems in your first few weeks at CGI.

CGI Intranet

You will likely use CGI’s intranet every day as it has a wealth of information for you to access. It contains all things ‘CGI’ such as key news articles, the current share price and shortcut links to internal CGI sites.

Timesheet Tool

All members at CGI submit a weekly timesheet to show projects being worked on and time allocated to each as this helps CGI with resource and workload allocation. You’ll usually submit your timesheet on a Friday so that it can be approved by your manager before the weekend.

Human Resources Service Centre (HRSC)

HRSC is a self-service platform for many of your HR needs: tools, information, questions, requests, help and more! The HRSC platform means you have an easy way to get answers on any HR related queries and is also used to submit your holiday requests to your manager for approval.


ePMS is CGI’s performance management tool. Through this tool you’ll be able to see your annual role objectives for discussion with your manager and request feedback from members about your performance.


CGI’s Applaud tool enables you to recognise members who exemplify CGI’s values. For example, recognising members who have really supported you with a project, mentored you or who have done a great piece of work recently. You write a message of recognition and this is then sent to the members email as a certificate copying in their manager. It’s a great way to reward the contributions of those you work with.

Brand Source

Brand source is your one-stop-shop for all CGI branded templates such as emails, PowerPoints, documents and images. You’ll likely use brand source when completing tasks which require you to use CGI branding such as client presentations and correspondence.

Oxygen Portal

CGI’s Oxygen Portal contains all the information you need about our Health and Wellbeing opportunities. It’s an integrated tool containing activities and resources aimed at improving the Health and Wellbeing of members at CGI.