“Considering I work in a male-dominated industry, I have not once felt out of place.”

Alisha, as you have already stated, you work in a male-dominated industry sector. How has CGI ensured you feel welcome in the working environment?

Considering I work in a male-dominated industry sector, I have not once felt out of place. CGI has made me feel welcome from the word go.

Once the job offer was made I was invited to a pre-induction day at Fenchurch Street (CGI Head Office). This allowed me to better understand the type of company I was going to work for. The Student Recruitment team also provided the necessary support for relocation, which was great!

On my first day at CGI I was introduced to a buddy who made me feel right at home. She showed me around and introduced me to the rest of my colleagues. My buddy has supported me ever since.

I feel there are many CGI initiatives which focus on Women in STEM. For me, this demonstrates the effort the company makes to ensure women feel welcome in a male-dominated environment.

I have been welcomed excellently into the industry by CGI and the company is doing everything it can to continue making me feel comfortable in the workplace.

How have you been inspired to progress you career at CGI, or have you inspired others?

I have been involved in many STEM-related activities to inspire others, including:

A career highlight for me was representing CGI at ‘IT’s Not Just for the Boys’ event. It was great to inspire other young women to pursue a career in STEM.

In addition to this, I have two female mentors who have both done really well in their careers at CGI. This gives me the motivation to become as successful as them, and to continue to progress my own career at CGI.

What tools or techniques has CGI helped you acquire to develop your skills and career?

Since joining CGI, I have developed many skills through training modules and classroom-based training:-

In terms of career development, my director and I have regular catch ups in order to ensure I am on track and working towards my objectives.

What’s the one thing you would like women considering applying to CGI to know?

When applying for a career in a male-dominated industry, I think it is important for you to consider what the company is doing to encourage women to work for them and how they are supporting women in STEM.

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