“Each day I learn a new fact about CGI which I didn’t know before.”

Anil, what’s your current role, what does a typical day look like for you?

My current role at CGI is Frontend Tester, Software consultant. This role is very exciting and interesting as I am writing tests to pass what code has been written. The type of tests I write are Unit tests, Api testing and Integration tests.

Every day we have a daily stand-up with the development team ( Front-end and back-end). This meeting is designed to tell the rest of team, what work was completed the previous day, if something is blocking your progression and what I will be completing or starting today.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of CGI?

I enjoy being part of a technical team. Being able to have a voice without hesitation,  to comment on particular design choices etc. Each day I learn a new fact about CGI which I didn’t know before. The benefits are amazing, not for just me in particular, but can benefit my family as well. I thoroughly enjoy networking within CGI. Everyone is so friendly and offer support when needed.

What would be your top tip for someone considering joining CGI?

The top tip which I would give to someone considering joining CGI is to be yourself. This means a lot to the team especially in challenging times. Always be open to adapt and seek new challenges.

And finally why did you choose CGI for your graduate role?

I was attracted by the corporate culture and support CGI provides. I was eager to be part of a real-world, projected based experience, which the company has to offer which provides me with confidence and trusting me to work for a top.

The company always better themselves, with clients, employees and professional objectives which I want to be part of moving on. I believe working part of the CGI family, will not only boost my skill set and knowledge, but help me build colleague friendships across the company to help me progress.

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