“It is really important to showcase your enthusiasm when applying to CGI but the most important thing is to be yourself!”

Base Location
Leatherhead (but I work on client site)

Did you relocate, if so how did you find it?

Your current role at CGI: role name and overview. What does this job entail (eg. what do you typically do day-to- day).
I currently work as a programme support officer for a client organisation. I provide support and assistance to the client programme and its projects, acting as a source of programme/project information and metrics. My job involves interacting with a number of project managers on a day to day basis, recording and tracking project progress, risks, finances, resourcing etc.

Your previous roles at CGI
I have previously been a project support officer on the same client programme and a bid consultant for a space project.

What you enjoy most about working for CGI (eg. culture, benefits, SSC, variety of work, networking, work available etc).
The company culture is amazing, there are so many opportunities to meet new people both socially and professionally – you feel part of a family.

Your top tip for someone considering the CGI and the apprenticeship
It is really important to showcase your enthusiasm when applying to CGI but the most important thing is to be yourself!

Why you chose an apprenticeship over university?
I didn’t want to stay away from home and end up in a lot of debt going to university. I think it is so much better to learn and earn at the same time because you are learning the theoretical aspects of your course at university but also gaining valuable work experience which makes you so much more desirable than the average university graduate!

How an apprenticeship has benefitted you?
I have been able to start my career earlier than most people who just go to university and I have been able to experience a number of roles which has allowed me to understand what area I enjoy most and want to progress in. It has also enabled me to gain a more rounded experience both academically and professionally, I feel like I have the best of both worlds as I study, work and definitely haven’t missed out on any of the social aspects.

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