“Wow, where to start, my confidence has increased ten-fold”

Base Location
My base location is Reading, with weekly trips up to the Client site in London

Did you relocate, if so how did you find it?
I did not have to relocate for the role.

Your current role at CGI: role name and overview. What does this job entail (eg. what do you typically do day-to-day)?
Currently I am a Junior Project Manager in the Justice sector of the business. My day usually consists of several internal project meetings, monitoring the progress made against baselined plans and then reflecting these updates to the client. I also need to ensure risks are identified and that any blockers to the team’s work are removed to allow smooth delivery. I will also spend some of my time working on bids for future work.

Your previous roles at CGI
I joined CGI in September 2018 on the Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship Scheme. My first role was a Financial Analyst in the PMO, where I worked with one other member, looking after the invoicing, Aged Debt and WIP for all projects across the account. From here I also took on several other aspects of the PMO including monitoring governance of projects. In March 2019 I transitioned to a more Project Management focused role.

What you enjoy most about working for CGI (eg. culture, benefits, SSC, variety of work, networking, work available etc)?
You get to work with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds. Everyone brings a new perspective and opinion to the table which you can learn and grow from. You are also in charge of your own destiny. Working for such a large company CGI has hundreds of roles and diffract sectors you can work in; CGI will help you move through the company so you can work in the roles and areas that interest you.

Your top tip for someone considering the CGI and the apprenticeship
Believe in yourself. No doubt you’ll be told when joining the company that you are in charge of your career and guess what, that’s correct. Know your goal and ambition and drive yourself to get there. No one knows how good you are, so you need to go and prove it. Seek out the work and challenges you need to prove you have what it takes to reach your goal.

Why you chose an apprenticeship over university?
I chose an apprenticeship because I wanted to have the reward of my work having an impact in the real world, something not easily gained from academic education. An apprenticeship gave me the chance to start my career at a company in parallel to getting the academic qualifications needed to grow within the company too. Also, being paid to learn is a bonus. There is a misconception that choosing an apprenticeship is inferior to University and that it will close off doors to your future. Wrong. No doors are ever closed; you just take your own route there.

How an apprenticeship has benefitted you?
Wow, where to start. My confidence has increased ten-fold. Working for a company is a massive change for school life, what is expected of you, how you work and cooperate with colleagues, all changes to fit the business environment. Every day you will face a new challenge which, fail or succeed, will teach you something new about yourself building your confidence and your ability.

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