“Feeling equal is all I can ask of an employer and that is exactly what I get at CGI!”

You work in a male-dominated industry sector – how has CGI ensured you feel welcome in the working environment?

CGI has ensured that I feel welcome in the working environment by not only providing me fantastic opportunities to get involved with training and development to support my career aspirations, but also by getting involved with internal and external networks.

I have attended a number of external events which support women in the workplace, as well as CGI’s own internal network events. These have provided me with the opportunity to meet other women in the same industry, as well as learn from them and hear about the great work going on.

I have also been lucky to have a 1-2-1 with my HRVP about my career prospects and progression opportunities, which has provided me with confidence about the future at CGI. It was great that I could get this time.

How have you been inspired to progress you career at CGI, or have you inspired others?

I feel I have been very fortunate to have mentors and a coach to support me in making career decisions while at CGI.

The CGI members that have supported me have been incredibly inspirational and I have very much enjoyed hearing about their journey and the ways they have progressed their career.

Not only do I feel hugely supported by other women at CGI, but I also know that there are a number of resources available to progress my career and people I can talk to for advice.

What tools or techniques has CGI helped you acquire to develop your skills and career?

CGI supported me through my L7 CIPD course, which has been extremely valuable to me, and provided me with knowledge that I build into my work.

While there is a wealth of great e-learning courses available to all members at CGI, I felt very fortunate that I was able to progress with a formal qualification too.

I have also been part of the SKI initiative within SDI, to act as a mentor to the new joiners and offer support with their project ideas.

What’s the one thing you would like women considering applying to CGI to know?

Being a member at CGI for nearly eight years, I can honestly say I have always felt equal and been given all the opportunities I could have wanted. Feeling equal is all I can ask of an employer and that is exactly what I get at CGI!

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