“There is always someone looking out for you and ensuring that you are reaching your growth potential”

What’s your current role, what does a typical day look like for you?

I am a Technical Consultant currently working on a defence project as an Applications Security Assurance Analyst conducting security assessments on applications that need migrating from legacy domains.

This role requires collaboration with several teams to ensure applications pass smoothly through the factory floor. I am also a mentor for the current cohort of new starters, Student Kick-Starter Initiative (SKI) which has a typical aim of volunteering 3 hours in the week towards improving an aspect of office life, such as streamlining the parking situation at a particular site or bridging the skills gap in the form of hosting STEM clubs at local schools and encouraging uptake of STEM subjects, in turn, boosting CGI’s reputation in society.

Did you relocate for you role?

I relocated from Bradford and initially found the move a bit overwhelming, however, during the induction week, I was able to meet the other graduates who were in a similar situation to myself and gained comfort from knowing that I was not dealing with this alone.

Meeting my project team and People Manager made a big difference as they were all very welcoming and friendly, and encouraged me to consult them on any problems I may have adjusting to my new role in Reading. Additionally, the £1000 relocation bonus helped to cover some of my moving costs and did not make me feel too out of pocket for joining this new role.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of CGI?

There are many aspects of working at CGI that I enjoy that include the numerous benefits offered to all employees such as as the Share Purchase Plan which allows you to purchase shares of CGI via salary contributions and own a small percentage of the company. This reinforces the ‘membership culture’ at CGI which treats employees as fellow owners of the company and encourages one to strive for the overall success of the company.

Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become apparent that CGI is a resilient industry as most members were able to successfully transition to remote working without much need to physically come into the office. This was a positive move for me as I was able to attend to family needs in Bradford whilst also fulfilling my role duties by working from home.

What would be your top tip for someone considering joining CGI?

My top tip for someone considering joining CGI is to attend the Open Days and experience CGI in the element. There is so much to learn about the company that even a year on, I am blown away by the breadth of industries and projects the company is involved in or leans technical support towards.

CGI is a company that appreciates each members contributions and rewards them with numerous compensation options. There is always someone looking out for you and ensuring that you are reaching your growth potential and strive to push you further at a pace that is suited to you.

And finally why did you choose CGI for your graduate role?

I chose to join CGI for a graduate role because I believe it offered me ample career growth to develop new skills, refine what I already have and provide job security which are very important aspects for myself.

I was also keen to explore the IT and Tech industry as I believe the world is heading in a direction that mainly relies on automation and technology bridging the skills gap and completing processes more efficiently. I aimed to capitalise on this reliance on technology and gain skills in a fast-paced industry that is constantly evolving with the changing landscapes.

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