“I have tried my hand at so many new things over the past year that I wouldn’t have dreamed of 18 months ago at University”


Will, did you relocate to join CGI?

Yes I did relocate, halfway across the country to a new part of the world. I found it fine, it wasn’t the first time I had done so (as I had relocated for placement year at University), but even if it had been the first time, the support network within the office made it very easy.

Colleagues are so friendly (as is the nature with consultants!) that I felt so welcomed into the office and area. Furthermore, the Sports and Social Club gave me ample opportunities to make work friends with people that I wouldn’t work with regularly and therefore made the transition much easier

What does a typical day look like for you in your current role?

Most of what I do is software and cloud development, so creating code and cloud solutions to fit client needs. Day to day I would be talking to the client, prioritising their wants and needs and delivering that in the cloud, enabling their application to run.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of CGI?

My favourite part of the work as CGI is the variety. Since joining I have worked on community projects (helping local schools learn about computing and networking), I have participated in recruitment (interviews, assessment centres etc.), and then the number of smaller software development roles I have had even just in one year.

With a high number of smaller projects, it gives you an opportunity to build up a professional network and keeps everything interesting. This also (used to) involve lots of travelling, I have been all over the country for different projects: Wales, Reading, London and Scotland. These are opportunities I don’t think other companies would have given to a “new starter”

What would be your top tip for someone considering joining CGI?

My top tip would be: Confidence. This is key to succeeding in a job as a consultant. Be confident in talking to people, but also of your own abilities. Often, the only thing holding us back is the fear of failure.

I have tried my hand at so many new things over the past year that I wouldn’t have dreamed of 18 months ago at University, and I’m so glad that I made the “leap”. Being confident in talking to people will enable you to secure more projects and thrive in them.

And finally why did you choose CGI for your graduate role?

The consultant lifestyle really appealed to me, I like variety so seeing different places, projects and people. Why CGI stood out to me from other companies was the size (which creates job security when the company is so financially strong), the interest in giving back to local communities with Corporate and Social Responsibility projects, and the sheer number of clients that CGI serve; which in itself produces a vast amount of different job opportunities

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