Industry: Business Graduate


“I am surprised at how interesting I find it!”

Degree subject studied

BSc Business Management

Your current role at CGI: role name and overview. What does this job entail (eg. what do you typically do day-to-day).

Market Intelligence Consultant for Space, Defence and Intelligence.

Day to day, I work on collecting and analysing market and competitor insights and ensuring that they are communicated within the organisation. This ensures that CGI are up to date with the latest trends, developments and opportunities, but also aware of their competitors actions within the market. Alongside this, I provide detailed analysis and research for specific projects, bids and campaigns.

Your previous roles at CGI

I started CGI through the graduate scheme and was initially placed as a bid manager, although I moved over to this role rather quickly as it was a brilliant opportunity for me to network and build skills.

Why did you decide to work for CGI / in the IT industry in general?

I wanted to work in an industry that was fast paced, innovative and focused on problem solving.

What worried you about working in IT with a non-IT degree (if anything) and what was the reality?

I was worried that I would not fit in, or that I would feel almost left out as I have no IT knowledge. In reality, there is a mixture of people from a variety of backgrounds and there is a strong part of the organisation which is business focused and needs those skills.

What has surprised you most about working for an IT consultancy with a non-IT degree?

I am surprised at how interesting I find it!



“I had a really good experience with the graduate recruitment team who made the process easy and personal to me.”

What’s your current role, what does a typical day look like for you?

Business Development Consultant – Bid Support Consultant.

Supporting the business development team with bids and proposals created for space projects within the satcoms sector. This involves industry research, organising meetings with clients and creating presentations and content for internal review processes.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of CGI?

Culture of help – from day one the SBU president made it clear that if someone asks you for help, it’s expected that you help, regardless of your position or level of seniority and that’s been my experience. The benefits and the SSC are also really great aspects of working here which have allowed me to go go-karting, see a west-end show and invest in the company I work for.

What would be your top tip for someone considering joining CGI?

Learn about the sectors that we work in and our values and show us why they resonate with you.

And finally why did you choose CGI for your graduate role?

No formal structure for the graduate programs meant that I could progress as quickly as I wanted to or take it slower and specialise in a given area. That flexibility made it really appealing to me in the first instance. I also had a really good experience from my interaction with the graduate recruitment team who made the process easy and personal to me. This set the company apart from other’s who I had applied to.

Our dedicated Early Careers Team

Our dedicated Early Careers Team are here to support you from application right the through to joining CGI. You will see them at university campuses and schools, chat to them before your assessment centre, meet them on your assessment centre and be welcomed by them on your first day.

Plus at any time during the process they are on hand to answer any questions and support you throughout.